ECHO BASE No.51 (22/03/2016)

Back for another blast of fresh new hip hop with your host Mr Brown

Soundsci – All Hands On Deck ft. Dj Woody & Mr Thing
Timeless Truth – Gods in the Details
Boora & Mr Robberhood – Mother Looks for Her Son
Joe Cain – Winter Madness
Termanology – Take Time ft. Cane
Powerule – Glorify n Praise ft. Large Pro
Newstalgia – Denise’s Theme
Jehst & Lee Scott – Campbell & Algar
One Session – New Age Delorian ft. Tristate & Minus One
Westside Gunn – Free Chapo ft. Conway
Bisk – Goodfood
Cookbook & Evidence – TBH ft. Dj Babu
Mujo – Yakuza Interlude
Jus’Liam – Critical Assessment (Armed Dukes Remix)
Evil Ed – Toshiko
Does Bros DXA – Round We Go
Lewis Parker – Swimming With Sharks ft. John Robinson
Mr Brown – Tides Turn (Unreleased)
Torb The Roach – Hembrent
Plant Asia & Dj Concept – International ft. Marveous Mag
Juga-Naut – Polobear
Timeless Truth – Hard Body Karate ft. Sean Price
Ivan Ave – Hello
Newstalgia – Checkpoint Charlie
Simiah – Love Fusion
Ded Tebiase – Begin War

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