ECHO BASE No.62 (24/08/2016)

Back again for another Echo Base, Mr Brown drops your bi weekly fix of brand new hip hop.

MindsOne & Dj Iron – Hindsight
Remulak – Highlife ft. M9 & Skriblah Dan Gogh
Lewis Parker – Release The Stress
Moka Only – No Sidelines
MarQ Spekt & Blockhead – Razors In The Pyramid
Skizz – Infamous Minded ft. Big Twins & Rapper Noyd
RTNC – Long Goodbye
KA – Mourn at Night
Soundsci – The Art of Smoke & Mirrors
Ilajide – Dinner Time ft. Clear Soul Forces
Tayob – Enredos
Cappo – Calf
Skizz – Geppetto ft. Evidence
Ilajide – Everybody x2
Ded Tebiase – Nine Six Shit
MarQ Spekt & Blockhead – Point Break ft. Conway, HPONE & Buze Bruvaz
Cyrus Malachi – Shamballah
Residentes – M.E.F
Insight – Evolve
O.C. & Organized Konfusion – You Won’t Go Far
Breeze Everflowin – Forsaken
Diamond D – You Can’t Front ft. Sadat X & Lord Finesse

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